99.9% Uptime Guarantee

MetaPros is proud to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We realize that you are serious about your online business, and we are serious about ensuring that it is always accessible: at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that we meet or exceed this guarantee, and we are certain that our network hardware and software infrastructure can perform at such near-100% availability levels. If your site is ever down for over 45 cumulative minutes per month, you will be awarded complete, prorated credit for the downtime. 

To request downtime credit, simply contact billing@metapros.net, noting the exact timeframe of the suspected downtime, plus your account login, domain, and the server it is on. Include your route trace log files that indicate a problem at the server.

Why 45 minutes? The 45 minute accumulated downtime per month has been reserved for matter such as server hardware and software upgrades, which are required to be performed from time to time in order to maximize server performance. 

To prevent abuse as well as to clarify the specifics of the uptime guarantee program, the following ruleset applies:

  • "Downtime" shall be defined as any given server not responding to ping requests within its Local Area Network for a period exceeding 5 minutes. Any other situation does not constitute a downtime per this program.

  • In order to receive credit, the customer must submit a written request, as detailed above, within 7 days of the suspected downtime.

  • Prorated credit shall be applied only if it is $2 or above for any given month.

  • Credit shall be remitted in increments of $1 only, rounded down from $X.50 and rounded up from $X.51.

  • Credit shall be applied towards future account hosting fees only.

  • Credit shall be calculated as prorated monthly cost of the client's single primary/main account held with MetaPros only.

  • Credit shall be calculated based on 15 minute increments (rounded down) of accumulated downtime over 45 minutes per month.

  • For dedicated server/co-lo customers,
    a) The credit shall be applied as based on server co-location/service/bandwidth fees only. 
    b) The credit shall not be applied if the customer has, either directly or indirectly, caused its server to fail. This may include, but is not limited to, executing administrative commands incorrectly or not limiting server bandwidth usage to amounts that the given hardware can comfortably handle.

  • MetaPros' server uptime records shall be always authoritative and binding.

  • The maximum credit liability of MetaPros shall not exceed one (1) month primary/main account hosting fees of any client (one month of service/bandwidth fees for hosting/dedicated server users).

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